Webinar recording: Experiences of cannabis-related stigma

Aug 2021

This webinar hosted on July 27, 2021, gave an evidence overview on the effects of stigma on people who use substances, people with lived experiences (PWLE) of stigma due to cannabis use, and a panel discussion on how to address cannabis-related stigma.

Stigma related to substance use can have real impacts on the lives of people who use substances. It can impact their psychological well-being and their sense of self worth. Stigma can also discourage them from reaching for help, decrease the quality and type of health care they can access, and decrease their access to social services, workplaces or housing.

Experiences of cannabis-related stigma from EENet on Vimeo.

Webinar objectives

Understand how cannabis-related stigma can impact the lives of those who live with substance use disorders. Explore how clinical responses and interventions can be designed to reduce stigma faced by those who use cannabis.

Hear from people with living experience of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder on how they have been affected by stigma from health care or service providers.

Engage with a panel of experts on how best to address cannabis use related-stigma and the individual, program or system level.


  • Dr. Andrew Hathaway, University of Guelph
  • Mike Stroh, MACP, Starts with Me
  • Kevin Haynes, SAPPACY CAMH

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